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            See how Geneva's easy flip-top and fold-up platform simplify nesting storage.               

 Geneva Designs – A New Way to Look at Room Service 

With easy-to-use features, improved storage capabilities and a sleek durable design, Geneva’s line of Room Service Tables & Accessories revolutionizes hotel room service. Table service will never be the same with our innovative line of products that reduce operator issues and enhance customer satisfaction.
Geneva Room Service Tables – Food Service Equipment to Enhance Hotel Room Service
Geneva features a line of food service equipment with a sleek durable design and easy-to-use features to enhance hotel room service. Food transportation is made easy with our revolutionary room service table design.
Our Simplicity Series tables with tri-fold design (leaves fold up and down) feature an exclusive C-Swing hinge that simplifies  room service meal transport and cleanup process. The leaf folding features will better contain dishes, glasses and silverware during cleanup.
Geneva offers a DuraTop upgrade, turning the table top into a virtually indestructible piece of furniture. This solid HDPE top resists scratches, dents, stains, and damage caused by liquids or impact. Since no edging is needed, there is no risk risk of peeling and general wear, offering a table that will maintain its good looks longer. Not only durable, the black DuraTop upgrade presents a higher-end boutique look, giving hotels the flexibility to go linen-free and save on operation costs.
There is also no need to worry about storage with Geneva’s folding tables. Save storage space with an innovative flip-top mechanism that allows the room service tables to nest together.
Geneva Designs offers a new way to look at hotel room service.     Click here for model information.        
Geneva Food Warmer Transport Rack – A Better Way to Deliver Hot Food to Guests
Geneva’s line of room service products features a Food Warmer Transport Rack that simplifies the hot transport of guests’ entrées. With an improved way to ensure food quality and customer satisfaction, our transport rack gently houses durable and easy-to clean electric 110v or 120v food hot boxes. Geneva’s portable food warmer rack with a stainless steel design, detachable outlet box and grips to keep each hot box in place, will enhance the room service in any hospitality environment.     Click here for model information.
Want to improve your hotel supply with Geneva’s room service equipment?
Geneva Designs sells through our extensive network of food service dealers and distributors. If you're interested in purchasing a room service product, please feel free to email or call us and we will put you in contact with a local salesperson. Don’t see the room service equipment that you are looking for? Ask our sales representatives to create the unique product that best fits your needs and gives you a new way to look at room service.
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