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Welcome to the chef's table! Spotlight your chefs and delight your guests with this clean, fresh action station. The sturdy, large size accommodates banquets and cocktail receptions, but works well as an exciting promotion for any meal of the day. Induction burners are positioned lower to give chefs convenient access to cookware. Freshly displayed ingredients, sauces, and batters are in close reach for tossing and sizzling. Speed rails store spices and other supplies within easy reach.
overall size: 20" x 52 1/2" x 34"
finish: Laminate, 10 options
casters: 5", 2 with brakes
case weight: 355 lbs
freight class: 125
  • 2-1800 watt induction ranges and laminate interior in lower compartment
  • Large drop leaves for additional workspace
  • Choice of standard or custom laminate finishes
  • Stainless steel ingredient top bin
  • Attractive food shield