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5 ft Bernina with Stainless Workstation

Classic motifs, graceful lines, and rich wood tones combine with practical bar fundaments in Geneva's Bernina Collection.  Bernina is a fresh take on luxury that seamlesly blends with the richness of the past.
overall size:  30" x 60" x 47 1/2"
finish:  Veneer
casters:  5"-4 Ea. Swivel, 2 Ea. Lock
freight class:  125
Specification Sheet

  • Thermal Plastic Rubber Casters: 5"- 4 ea. swivel, 2 ea. lock.
  • Stainless workstation
  • Laminate lower interior
  • Includes ice bin
  • 4 optional veneer finishes
  • Optional wood armrest
  • Measurements in ( ) denote metric millimeters, except for Case Cube, unless otherwise specified.